Arnie Armadillo & his new adventure

About the Book

The armadillo’s supply of food and water are now dangerously low. With no way of replenishing them, they look to Arnie to search for an answer to save their future...

In Arnie Armadillo and His New Adventure, author Bill Blair has given Arnie and his characters many skills that help Arnie, his friends and his family succeed in their search for survival and a new beginning. Arnie shows preparation, determination, common sense, intelligence, patience and great perseverance to reach Paradise. Arnie also overcomes many fears, doubts and hurdles to reach his ultimate goal. Arnie and his new friends show how much friendship means and what working together as a team can accomplish. Arnie and his family’s love and trust are the driving forces behind Arnie’s Adventure.  In fact, Arnie soon realizes that without his family and loved ones, a new beginning would mean very little to him. The over-all message is that nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but if you keep trying and never give up, the end result is worth it.

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Read what customers are saying about Bill Blair and his novel, "Arnie Armadillo & His New Adventure."

I loved the message the story conveys. It is so true of life. I think we are all like Arnie in many ways.
— Larry Hawk
Arnie is a sweet loving fellow that is quite athletic and energetic. He gets along well with everyone and really loves his family and close friends. Arnie is also very attentive and smart.
— Klista Loomis
I enjoyed reading it. Thought it was great! Haven’t really got to talk to my grandkids about it yet. I liked it because it portrayed good social skills and how to get along with others. Also, if you work hard you can succeed. Have some elementary teacher friends I may share it with next year to read to their class.
— Gerri Plumber
I thoroughly enjoyed the book and so have several of my friends. I included one of your books in my gift to my newest great grandson. I am sure it will be a book he will enjoy for many years.
— Ruby Parker
The story of Arnie Armadillo is the perfect children’s book! It’s a fun story that can be enjoyed by all ages, and it has a great message!!
— Joan & Ron Taylor

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About the Author


Bill was an athlete that excelled at high levels in football, basketball, baseball and also achieved a great deal of success in business. He has traveled many places and lived in both small towns and large cities. Bill has been writing stories for his children, grandchildren and friends for many years and has now been convinced to share them for others to enjoy. Bill has had to overcome many personal hurdles in his life, and learned at an early age that the qualities that helped him excel as an athlete would also help him conquer challenges to excel in life. In Bill’s stories, the characters learn how to overcome their troubles and hurdles by discovering qualities such as preparation, teamwork, determination, partnership, patience and love of family. Bill is now semi-retired, enjoys traveling, his friends and visiting his children and grandchildren. Bill currently consults for Corporations in the Apparel industry.

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